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Bodypaint Project: 
An Art Show about Cats, Cannabis and Magic
Location: Matt Deifer's Studio
Los Angeles, CA 
*All sessions must be completed by Wednesday, January 26th, 2022

I'm seeking bodypaint models for an upcoming art show being produced by Magic Meows. The photos and bodypaint will be done by me in my studio in LA. The art will be in the theme of cats, cannabis and magic and will be done before the event so I have time to print the images on canvas for exhibition. I have several concepts in mind for the artwork and I'm also open to coming up with new ideas together. Below you can see my first two creations. I'm looking to make one more. Last year's event drew 450 people and was so much fun and I look forward to creating some great art with you!

This project is TFP. Before we paint we can do any type of shoot you want. Traditional head shot, lifestyle, boudoir, etc... I will provide you with some great photos for your portfolio and give you a print of your favorite image in my studio. I’m also looking for reliable models who appreciate artistic expression that I can recommend for paid projects in the future. 


Here are some examples of some of my portrait and bodypaint work.



Matt Deifer is a passionate Los Angeles based artist/entrepreneur who harnesses the world of the surreal in his artwork. His exquisite array of photography and paintings celebrates spirituality, therapy and adventure. “I love pushing boundaries, stimulating the five senses, exploring light.” 


You're witnessing an art revival. Will you choose to participate and help break down the protected truths that are holding us back? The Great Wall of Conformity needs to be demolished with creative expression that will redefine our communities. Paint your body and dance under the stars. Sing even if you think you have a terrible voice. Encourage laughter. Paint and speak aloud whatever your subconscious wants to release into the wind. Reel the power of the cosmos back into your life and breathe, contract and expand! This is a call to action for everyone who is curious, motivated and committed to a new artistic reality. Will you heed my call?

If you're interested or have any questions text me or message me on Instagram!

@mattdeifer @bodypaintme 6109720094

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